My Reading List

August Noble Reading List

“Books are the training weights of the mind.” -Epictetus

I haven’t always loved reading.  As a matter of fact, books were the last thing on my mind for most of my childhood.  It wasn’t until I realized the impact that a book can have on a person’s life that I truly started to appreciate them.  It amazes me that someone can study something for years, write it down, and share it with you in a matter of hours.  Books take you outside of your own world, give you a fresh perspective, and let you experience things you may not have otherwise had the chance to.

I didn’t find these books on my own.  Each was recommended to me by a mentor or friend, finding me at a different time in my life.

Pick one up and start reading. I hope they do as much for you as they have for me.

Growth Mindset – Carol Dweck


How do you interpret challenge and failure?  This book has completely changed the way I look at life.  Written by Carol Dweck a Psychology Professor at Stanford University, it focuses on the difference between a person who experiences failure and says “I suck at this and should quit”, and the one who says, “I learned something and will be better next time,” and how to change that internal moneloge from a judging one, to a growth-orientated one.

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill


Read it once then read it again.  A perfect example of someone dedicating the better part of their life to something and giving it to you in a few short pages.  Napoleon Hill spent almost 25 years studying what separates the super successful (financially in this case) from everyone else.  Hint: Your thoughts are more powerful than you think.

4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss


I included this book for more reasons than one.  Sure escaping the 9-5 and living anywhere is great, outsourcing your life – awesome, but what I really loved about The 4-Hour Work Week is how Tim challenged the classic lifestyle that sometimes seems inescapable.  The college graduation to cubicle worker life path that you so often hear is the “right” one.  Tim challenges this concept along with others and shows that just because everyone is doing something, doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

Ego Is The Enemy – Ryan Holiday


Ego Is The Enemy is a philosophical exploration of difficulties we create for ourselves in life. Early in our careers, ego impedes learning and the cultivation of talent. With success, ego can blind us to our faults and sow future problems. In failure, ego magnifies each blow and makes recovery more difficult. At every stage, ego holds us back.”  Ryan Holiday is one of my favorite young authors because of his ability to practically apply classic philosophical beliefs to real life situations.  Ego Is The Enemy is a great reminder that often times our biggest obstacles in life are ones that we create ourselves.