If you have an eCommerce store and are not running dynamic product retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram you are throwing away your hard earned money.

Everyday you put work into getting people to visit your website.

They come, love your products, add them to their cart… then leave and never come back again.

Studies show that 72% of online shoppers will abandon the cart before making a purchase.

Retargeting campaigns are a simple retargeting solution that any eCommerce company can set up to boost sales.

What is Retargeting?

Simply put, retargeting is is showing advertisements to people who visit your site and don’t end purchase anything.

This group of visitors can be broken into a lot of different buckets:

  • People who visited the website
  • People who visited and view some products
  • People who visited the website and viewed 3+ products
  • People who visited the website and spent 2+ minutes shopping around
  • People who visited and added a product to their cart

Breaking these visitors into different buckets allows us to not only spend our advertising dollars as effectively as possible, but also to speak differently to potential customers differently depending on where they are in the customer journey.

What are Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs)?

Dynamic product ads are exactly what the name suggests:

  • Dynamic – They change a